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Bridgetown buys commercial real estate.
Business owners and high net worth individuals invest in our partnerships.
Our investors enjoy capital preservation, tax advantages, and strong ROI.

Current offering: 145-unit multifamily property in Nashville, Tennessee.

BizDayGlobal is the video podcast for business enthusiasts like you. Enjoy content that covers the challenges you face every day, such as...



You have a great product. How do you get the market to buy it?



Should you hire a team of in-house software developers? How about outsourcing overseas?

Growth Strategies

Growth strategies

You already have a successful business. How do you make it bigger?



How can leaders grow a company when critical talent is so tough to procure?

Investment Strategies

Investment strategies

You just sold a business. What’s next for your career?

Startup Strategies

Startup strategies

You have an idea for a great startup. What should you do next?

Exit Strategies

Exit strategies

You’re running a large, successful enterprise. How do you extract value so you can move on to your next venture?

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